D&IBranding specialist Melanie Denny to present keynote at Career Thought Leaders Symposium

Symposium welcomes LinkedIn branding expert to speak at upcoming conference
Karen Gail JavierMarch 14, 20224 min

Career Thought Leaders (CTL), a professional development organization formerly known as Career Masters Institute and Career Masters Alliance, has invited Melanie Denny, founder and president, of Resume-Evolution, to deliver a keynote at the 13th annual professional development symposium. Under this year’s theme, “Flourishing in The Future of Work,” Denny will share tips from insiders about the top seven salary negotiation mistakes to avoid.

The professional development symposium is an event that the CTL leadership team holds every year to bring together the best minds and create a space for them to share their expertise. This year’s event will be held April 10-13, 2022 at the Notary Hotel Downtown in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

A personal branding specialist, Denny has helped local and international working professionals from entry-level to C-level executives across various industries to produce a highly ranked searchable brand that sets them apart from the hyper-competitive job market. Her expertise in career self-marketing, interview coaching, and salary negotiation has empowered her clients to negotiate regardless of their level or role.

With more than a decade of experience in business mentorship and career coaching, the award-winning resume expert and self-marketing consultant has been featured in national media outlets including NBC News, HuffPost and Forbes.

“Years ago, I set out to be the best resume writer I could be,” Denny says. “I took trainings, courses, classes, webinars—anything I could get my hands on to learn. It had never occurred to me back then that I would be training other resume writers and career professionals. Somehow, I fell into my purpose of helping people to see themselves as more in a different way.”

Career Thought Leaders began 20 years ago, founded by Wendy Enelow, to serve as a high-level gathering place for career industry professionals working in higher education, non-profit, government agencies and private practice. Career Masters Institute became the first of its kind to provide the most cutting-edge and up-to-date industry information as well as an inviting community for those working in the careers industry. After evolving into Career Masters Alliance, the organization then rebranded to Career Thought Leaders in 2009 to continue its core mission.

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