Digital ContentBrandStar acquires Lisa Cavalli’s BELatina

Merger of Latina/Afro-LatinX platform expands US Hispanic Market reach for BrandStar.
Marcom Weekly StaffMarch 29, 20215 min

BELatina, a leading Latina digital platform and an expanded social footprint for the English-dominant, ambicultural Latina, has merged with BrandStar, a solutions-driven content machine, offering a broad range of services, among them strategic marketing, advertising, digital strategies, sales, and production.

Industry veteran Lisa Cavalli launched California-based BELatina in 2019 to inform readers with thoughtful, long-format, researched journalism by reporting and sharing in-depth stories, illuminating untold truths, unpacking forgotten histories, and amplifying new unapologetic perspectives.

The merger aims at leveraging compelling storytelling that connects brands to the growing US Hispanic Market both through the existing platform, as well as through the launch of a lifestyle television show featuring health, food and family topics related to Hispanic women. The BELatina lifestyle television show is set to launch in the fourth quarter of 2021 and will broadcast on Lifetime Television.

“The merger with BELatina is a great addition to our integrated production and marketing offerings, building on and expanding our services while connecting people with brands to do life better,” said Mark Alfieri, founder & CEO of BrandStar. “We very much look forward to working with a partner who has a proven track record of success with this evolving audience.”

“BELatina unpacks and celebrates this monumental cultural shift, to create even more space for the evolution of Latin/Afro-Latinx empowerment across multiple themes and channels,” said Lisa Cavalli, managing partner for “BELatina creates content through a solid foundation of Latinx writers looking through the cultural lens of today’s Latina. BELatina sets itself apart from other digital Latina publications through the opportunity to amplify stories via social partner media channels, because of the social network and expertise we bring to the table, unmatched by anyone in today’s media space. Our platform connects US Latina audiences in language, in culture and in context.”

The BELatina multimedia platform focuses on a variety of issues in education, communities, and wellness. BELatina also unpacks and celebrates the monumental cultural shift marked by women of color, to create more space for the evolution of Latina/Afro-Latinx empowerment across multiple themes and channels. BELatina uses data, technology and compelling storytelling that connects brands to this powerful audience at scale.

Previously, Cavalli founded a leading digital lifestyle platform for Hispanic women, HipLatina. The platform reached more than four million consumers per month via email, web, social media, and mobile apps, before being sold in 2018.

BrandStar, founded by Mark Alfieri, is an integrated production company providing strategic marketing, advertising, digital strategies, sales, and production. The production company’s award-winning TV programming airs on Lifetime Television, Bloomberg, FOX Business, and numerous syndicated outlets, and includes shows such as “Designing Spaces,” currently in its 15th year, “The Balancing Act,” in its 20th year, as well as “Inside the Blueprint” and “Access Health.”

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