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Black newsrooms reflect on the top 22 stories of the year: from the Buffalo shooting to Deion Sanders
Marcom Weekly StaffDecember 28, 20221

Black newsrooms are a vital component of the media landscape, as they provide a platform for telling the stories and amplifying the voices of the Black community. These newsrooms play a crucial role in promoting understanding, representation, and empowerment for Black individuals and communities. They also play a vital role in influencing mainstream media and shaping the wider cultural conversation.

By highlighting issues and experiences that are often overlooked or marginalized by mainstream media, Black newsrooms help to bring important perspectives and issues to the forefront. They also provide a space for Black journalists to share their unique insights and experiences, which helps to diversify the media landscape and bring a wider range of voices and perspectives to the table.

“2022 has been a year of both tragedy and triumph,” Cheryl Thompson-Morton, director of the Black Media Initiative at CUNY’s Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism wrote. “Throughout the year, Black media has been covering the news for us, by us. As we prepare to enter a new year, take a few moments to reflect on some of the top stories of 2022 from some of the leading Black newsrooms from across the country.”

As determined by Black-owned media publishers who are members of Black News Link, an independent group collaborating to advance Black stories, here are the top 22 stories over the past year:

FAMU And JSU meet in Miami for Orange Blossom Classic

Texas Metro News

When former Dallas Cowboy Deion Sanders was hired as head coach at Jackson State University, you could line up the list of doubters like mile markers from Texas to Mississippi.

The CDC’s new guidance changed the way Prince George’s County approaches COVID-19

The Intersection Magazine

In early 2022, when the CDC changed its guidance, it changed the way local government talked about Covid-19. The article is an examination of the new approach and its impact, and it provides community members with much-needed info.

‘Ransoming’ Black youth and adults from the clutches of cash bail: The Antwan Project

Black Iowa News

Prairielands Freedom Fund in Iowa, part of the National Bail Fund Network, works to free Black youth and adults who can’t afford bail while awaiting trial.

Lucky moves: path of redemption takes gangbanger from a menace to society to a mentor of men

Texas Metro News

The road to redemption for Antong Lucky was paved with prison, pain, and past gangbanging.

When social media kills

Marcom Weekly

A gunman live-streamed the killing of 10 Black people at a grocery store in Buffalo, underscoring the role of social media and gaming in creating the climate for such racist attacks.

Honoring the memory of George Floyd

Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder covered the trials and convictions of the four former officers charged with the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis

Young Thug/YSL RICO + hip-hop lyrics on trial

The 88-page RICO indictment against rappers Young Thug and Gunna’s “YSL” gang contains song lyrics being used to prosecute them and dozens of alleged associates.  The issue of rap lyrics being used as evidence is being fought in courts nationwide – some successfully, creating a troubling precedent.  This trial will be heard in ATL courts this January and will be on the scene with continuous coverage.

Take off! Mother-daughter duo launch rocket club for kids 

The Bowie Sun

Robin Houston developed the FIRE Rocket Challenge in Prince George’s County to spark greater interest in the aerospace field, especially among students in underrepresented groups. The new rocketry program is geared toward youth in grades 5-12 and includes several participants from Bowie. 

Part 1 of the ONME Network’s Juneteenth special broadcasts today on TV and online this afternoon

ONME Newswire

Juneteenth special takes an in-depth look into the critical research on racism against Blacks in California, reported by the California Reparations Task Force.

News spotlight – “Ain’t Too Proud” Broadway show opens to a packed house

The Citizens New Press

This electrifying smash-hit Broadway musical follows Motown legends, the Temptations’ journey from the streets of Detroit to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  The high-energy show was a music and choreography journey of those who sang with the Temptations and influenced the group. From the costume designs to the scenic designs, the attendees were transported back to a time when Black musicians were integrating the music scene until the present.

Although California has a homelessness epidemic, there is some better news of hope out of Kern County 

ONME Newswire

In this episode of News Too Real:  Success Stories in California homelessness epidemic, producer host, Julia Dudley Najieb, reviews the appalling statistics that are also dismal nationwide concerning the rate of homelessness in California. As the crisis reveals that over 60,000 people in California do not have homes to go to at night, there is a sliver of good news coming out of Kern County city, Bakersfield, Calif., which has achieved a rate of “functional zero” homelessness in its city.

‘Surges of new variants for the foreseeable future,’ amid progress, says a leading COVID-19 expert

Black Iowa News

Q&A with Dr. Jeremy Faust, author of “Inside Medicine,” a Bulletin newsletter, who discusses a ‘COVID-weary’ nation, what you should know about Paxlovid, BA.5, mental health and the pandemic’s future.

My truth: July is Uterine Fibroid Awareness Month

Texas Metro News

Twenty years ago my doctor told me that the doctors he consulted with didn’t expect me to live. I hope you will join me, and others, in learning and sharing more about fibroids.

Respect Black hair: Black hair products can contain hazardous chemicals, say Black hair professionals

Black Iowa News

Black Iowa News is celebrating Black hair in all its glory with the series, Respect Black Hair, about healthy techniques and products, the CROWN Act and why ‘Every strand of Black hair is good hair.’

One woman’s journey to help women post-pregnancy

The Intersection Magazine

Tamoyia Ragsdale Hashim, Shiite Muslim and Prince George’s County resident, is a doula. She almost died giving birth. Post-pregnancy she experienced depression, and suicidal ideation. She received little help during that time. That experience, in part, led her to implement postpartum care into her business for women during this time. 

Opinion: What white people get wrong about Black dads

Black Iowa News

Society rarely shows good examples of Black fathers. Social media commenters often label Blacks as fatherless and cling to stereotypes that if Black dads are present, they’re somehow unloving, uninvolved or even abusive. But the Black men I saw growing up had only ever worked toward one goal with their children — to give them a better life than they had.

How the police are defunding Minneapolis

Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

The continued contradictions of Blacks not wanting the police but still being concerned about the lack of police presence in crime prevention.

I delayed my colonoscopy during the coronavirus pandemic – Don’t make the same mistake

Black Iowa News

What is an unpleasant drink, several trips to the bathroom, and a 20-minute test compared to a scary diagnosis in your future because you chose to delay or skip your colonoscopy?

Atlanta artist tells advertisers “Show me the money,” at Advertising Week New York

Marcom Weekly

Fabian Williams gets real with advertisers about what artists and creators require for brand partnerships.

The 2022 midterm election and the Black vote

Black Headline News

BHN’s Carol Angela Davis and Julia Dudley Najieb report on the live election results and speak with Black News Link featured guests about the Iowa, Texas, Illinois, and Georgia races. 

Citizens see youth curfew as a way to slow crime 

The Bowie Sun

County Executive Angela Alsobrooks recently extended the youth curfew until the end of the year, welcoming news for some local residents concerned about crime. The curfew was prompted by escalating violent crime in Prince George’s County. Some 62% of carjackings occurred after 10 p.m. primarily at the hands of youth 16 and under, according to county data. Some residents say the curfew was needed but some want to see root causes addressed.

The New Citizens Press Review Vlogcast

The Citizens New Press

Your beautiful Black hair as it is; publishers Risper and James discuss Black Iowa News Black hair series and their personal experiences. Produced by Black Headline News/AMP TV.

Biden warns ‘democracy at risk’ during Bowie State rally 

The Bowie Sun

Voters from Bowie and points beyond converged on historically black Bowie State University for an election-eve rally with President Biden, who warned “democracy is at risk” and urged Marylanders to vote for candidates who will protect it. Several youths who attended the rally shared why they are paying attention to the November election. 

Elections – Dr. Weber says Calif. elections are safe

ONME Newswire

Let’s review reasons to vote for the 2022 midterms California’s secretary of state, Dr. Shirley Weber, explains in detail why the California elections are safe.

Cryptocurrency company crumbles and files for bankruptcy

The Citizens New Press

Another crash and burn for minorities who have higher exposure to the instability of investing in digital assets and the history behind it.

RIP Takeoff

One-half of the Unc & Phew duo and former Migos member Takeoff was recently shot dead. The rapper was reportedly at a bowling alley in Houston at the time of the shooting.  Our Nigerian correspondent, Abdul Okeowo, posted this story as it broke overnight in the US and we were the first Hip-Hop outlet to report the devastating news.

Kanye West rants
Kanye “Ye” West makes headlines whenever he opens his mouth or his Twitter, keeping the SOHH team constantly on our toes.  Here are some of the most noteworthy this year.

The Black News Link is supported by the City University of New York’s Black Media Initiative. Members include AMPTV; Black Iowa News; Garland Journal; I Messenger; Marcom Weekly; Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder; ONME News; Rivet360;; Texas Metro News; The Black Wall Street Times; The Bowie Sun; The Intersection; and The New Citizen’s Press.

Marcom Weekly Staff

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