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Communications designer Javaris Stevenson shares episode three of The Comms Design Fellow.
Javaris StevensonMarch 22, 2021

If there’s one thing we’ve learned during the pandemic, it’s that digital is up and there is power in great content. This week, we focus on content strategy for social media, based on the emotional wellbeing of our economy. Authentic experiences are the way to go. Product placement isn’t moving people to purchase, but creating an emotionally relative, consistent and visually compelling social experience can do wonders for your brand from increasing brand awareness to driving traffic to your store for product sales.

Here’s some tips to get you started: 

    1. Create moments rather than product offerings: develop marketing around authentic human and demographic behavior. 
    2. Be bold about your brand values: we live in a generation where people value social responsibility over product enjoyment. Be clear about what your company supports from philanthropy to social diversity and inclusion initiatives. 
    3. Place your audience in the mix: use testimonials, video interviews or just reposts of how your audience is enjoying your products/services. Maybe a personal hashtag will do. 
    4. Finally, create compelling content for social: 
      • Use authentic imagery and compelling videos
      • Invest in a strong copywriter for effective copy

In summary, always commit to authentic, relatable and well represented social media content and culture. Whatever you do when creating content, remember that it’s about driving people to connect first, purchase later. Now, go get busy. If you do appy any of these teachings please share your social media. I’d love to see.

Javaris Stevenson

Javaris Stevenson is a 16-year-experienced-communications creative who is currently inspiring and managing communication and branding experiences for today's leading companies and marketing agencies. His self-taught career has led him to work with leading commercial brands such as ATT, Samsung, Target, Verizon, NBC, Universal Music Group and top agencies such as Edelman, R/GA, McCann and currently the top holding company, WPP. Communications design, strategy and experiences are at the core of what he do.

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