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WPP's Javaris Stevenson lays out a guide to building a digital integrated communications plan
Javaris StevensonJanuary 25, 2021

Everyday consumers are getting hit with information. I believe the most repetitive and consistent brands succeed most at being seen. These brands understand the usefulness of integrated comms; harmonizing all of their communication initiatives and multiplying their reach. And if you don’t know what that is nor the power of it, I’m going to help you out today. Today, this column highlights the power of digital integrated communications.

What is Integrated Comms?
Defining integrated comms within a word: Unity.

Integrated comms guarantees that all mediums of communicating are purposely synched. More necessary than ever is consistent brand messaging. Of all mediums of communication, my focus is on digital integrated comms.

A major benefit of integrated comms is using the same information multiple times for different audiences. However, the key to getting that right is developing a sound strategy. Below are my tips to powering up your digital integrated comms:

  1. Map it out: Have a plan of action by creating a storyboard. Where do you want to show up?
    Who do you desire to target? What behaviors do you want to trigger? Create consumer and shareholder responses on purpose.
  2. Be intentional about placement: Save money, time and resources by figuring out which digital platforms will be most useful during this new normal of staying connected.
  3. Reconsider the style guide: It is imperative to create consistency and cohesiveness on all digital platforms. Your style guidelines will enable you to do so. Only create content that points back to those principles.
  4. Create a Content-Hub: Another benefit of integrated comms is using content multiple times across different channels. It’s OK to re-treat the same content you used for an email in a social post. Repetition builds familiarity.
  5. Build a content calendar: Create a schedule of your digital campaigns to guide, help you gain control and keep track of your performance.

Watch episode two of “The Comms Design Fellow,” by Javaris Stevenson:


Javaris Stevenson

Javaris Stevenson is a 16-year-experienced-communications creative who is currently inspiring and managing communication and branding experiences for today's leading companies and marketing agencies. His self-taught career has led him to work with leading commercial brands such as ATT, Samsung, Target, Verizon, NBC, Universal Music Group and top agencies such as Edelman, R/GA, McCann and currently the top holding company, WPP. Communications design, strategy and experiences are at the core of what he do.

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