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Career coach Stephanie Heath helps professionals land their dream jobs
Karen JavierMarch 8, 2021

For Stephanie Heath, quitting her job meant finding her true purpose.

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In deciding whether or not it’s time to leave a job, there are a number of things that everyone will be happier to know from the outset. “Set your intentions,” Heath educates her clients and followers, “see it manifest.”

The former recruiter tells Marcom Weekly that all her roles challenged her to grow and develop aspects of herself that weren’t fully developed. “I was a people pleaser, I suffered from Imposter Syndrome, and I had social anxiety,” Heath reveals on her website.

When quitting her previous jobs, she admits she had to take her time to let go of people-pleasing, “it manifested in burning myself out and self-sabotage.”

According to her website, Heath learned that in order to get the life she wanted, she needed to step up and into her worth. “My journey began by developing a sense of self, reinforcing and creating personal and professional boundaries and asking myself why and what the most confident version of myself would do,” she says.

Heath left her jobs at Amazon, Sony and S7 Technology Group and in one case gave four weeks’ notice. “The constructive feedback I was receiving stopped feeling constructive and I kept second-guessing myself constantly. I spoke to the manager assigned to me honestly and provided as much notice as possible to ensure a smooth transition period.”

She says she is thankful for all the roles she’s held and experiences she’s had as she is now able to identify patterns in herself and her clients, who she now supports in their own careers.

Now a writer, career coach and founder of SoulWork & Six Figures–a professional training, transformational career coaching & job search strategy program–she helps former workaholics, empaths and soft-spoken professionals in the technology industry resign from the positions that drain them, and land roles that speak directly to their souls.

Heath shares with Marcom Weekly five signs your job is draining and you need to resign:

  1. You dread waking up to go to work.
  2. Although you’ve identified what is working and what isn’t working and how you can mitigate each, you still haven’t been able to break the feeling of dread or a downward cycle in your performance.
  3. The colleagues you have around you aren’t as motivated or as happy to do the work they are hired to do as you are.
  4. The work culture has started to feel competitive or cliquey.
  5. You haven’t been able to set boundaries enough so that you are not caught up into the ‘drauma’.

Heath has started her career at a recruitment agency where she focused on hiring and providing contracting tech professionals to investment banks. She then joined a few larger companies and eventually started managing the recruitment process for a tech startup and an MSP servicing the financial industry.

She has been featured in themuse, Hellogiggles, LinkedIn Expert Voice!, So She Slays, The Freestyle Mindset Podcast, It’s Her Purpose, Above Average Misson, The Successful Thinker, One Queen to Another, Black Virtual Career Fair and The Mogul Millennial ⁣Online Magazine.

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