D&IGroup Black and She Media join forces to increase ad spend for Black-owned media companies

Group Black’s partner agencies and brands to invest in hand-picked publishers at She Media.
Karen JavierDecember 6, 20214 min

Group Black, a media collective advocating for investment in Black-owned media properties, together with She Media, a media network of Black, Women-owned publishers producing collections of media content from diverse sources, announced the launch of the Group Black Network. This collaboration provides a direct avenue for Group Black’s partner agencies and advertisers to invest their media dollars into She Media’s publishers.

The Group Black Network grants advertisers access to She Media’s finest network of publishers to promote their brands. To give these minority-owned publishers growth opportunities and help them attract advertisers, they will be provided media revenue, a large scale of premium connection, and opportunities to branded content that will put them on a par with the giant publishers.

“By enabling our reputable brand partners to reach more diverse audiences through partnerships with Black publishers and creators, Group Black is facilitating real action and opportunity for all media entities,” said Group Black CEO & Director Travis Montaque.

Group Black envisions transforming the face of media ownership and investment by providing a platform for underserved publishers to put out their content. Its main goal is to ensure that these minority-owned publishers are acknowledged and given credit for the culture that they foster and the impact that they leave on the media industry.

“A transparent and empowered ecosystem (like Group Black Network)—where Black publishers are armed with the full understanding of their earning opportunity — will be transformative in who leads, what values reign and how media operates,” said Samantha Skey, CEO, She Media.

The partnership received praises from the community of both the partner advertisers of Group Black and participating publishers of She Media. UWG, the Black-owned, longest-standing, woman-led strategic partner of the WPP network, also expressed support for the launch. “I look forward to helping these publishers take their brands to the next level by supporting both their growth in revenue and exposures,” says UWG President and COO Gregory Edwards.

Founder of The Baby Sleep Site, Nicole Johnson, says “Both [Group Black and She Media] continue to impress upon me that we are partners and are striving for all publishers in the Group Black Network to succeed. As I begin to work more closely with Group Black, I am confident they will develop the right opportunities to further support and grow The Baby Sleep Site.”

Xaviera Bryant, CEO and editor of Ice Cream Convos, shared in a tweet, “When visionaries link up…change is inevitable! So excited that Ice Cream Convos is a part of this!”

Karen Javier

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