PeopleJessica Rogers to lead diversity, equity and inclusion at leading ad tech company

The former executive assistant to the DMS CEO now leads DEI accountability and programs for the company.
Karen Gail JavierJanuary 31, 20224 min

Digital Media Solutions (DMS), one of the country’s chief providers of data-driven advertising solutions that connect consumers and advertisers, names Jessica Rogers as its vice president of diversity, equity and inclusion. The appointment follows DMS’ commitment to incorporate diversity and inclusion into its day-to-day business and company culture.

“At DMS, we remain committed to ensuring greater diversity, equity and inclusion, both internally and externally,” DMS CEO Joe Marinucci says. “Every member of our team has a shared accountability toward achieving this goal.”

In her role, Rogers will assess the effectiveness of various DE&I programs and lead all DE&I matters, both within DMS and the performance marketing industry. Her role also includes heightening diverse employee engagement and retention, developing psychological safety and examining the impact of DE&I on client, partner and community relationships.

Prior to her current appointment, Rogers previously served as DMS Chief of Staff, providing counsel and support to the day-to-day operational efficiency surrounding the DMS brand. A business maven and philanthropist, Rogers is committed to sharing actionable strategies to create opportunities for all while improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Rogers says, “DE&I is a universal responsibility. Every member of DMS and every professional within our larger industry must be intentional and unwavering in their commitment and accountability to achieve real progress in their DE&I efforts.”

In 2015, she began her journey at DMS as the executive assistant to the CEO. After only two years, she was promoted and became the first VP of Culture and used her role to unify the organizational culture across DMS. In 2019, she hosted the film crew in launching the inaugural DMS Heroes & Legends Ultramarathon for America’s veterans and first responders. She also spearheaded DMS’ first charitable project, DMS Season of Giving in 2015.

Because of Rogers’ work in overseeing culture, DMS garnered several awards including Inc.’s Best Workplaces and Tampa Bay Times Top 100 Workplaces.

“Different experiences, perspectives and ideas must not only be encouraged, but celebrated,” Rogers added. “This is how we continue to grow. I’m excited by the challenge offered by DMS to lead our team in our ongoing commitment to DE&I.

Karen Gail Javier

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