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Palmer to receive award for work in Jordan Peele podcast, alongside co-star Pete Davidson
Marcom Weekly StaffJanuary 17, 2023

Keke Palmer has once again shown the world that she’s built differently. Coming off of her stunning performance and surprise pregnancy announcement on Saturday Night Live, Palmer already has a few new reasons to celebrate.

KeyTV, the “Nope,” star’s new digital media network, has now surpassed over 762,000 subscribers on their official YouTube channel. This comes just three months into the network’s official launch in October 2022. Moreover, KeyTV announced that two more shows have been added to its programming lineup.

The first is “Dear Keke,” a new and original advice series where Palmer herself hears out funny and relatable problems and dishes out hilarious and real advice in her own unique way. In a statement, Palmer recounted how many fans turned to her for “help, a fun word, or advice about everything from relationships to money and their careers, and even just caring for themselves.” Palmer calls it “an unfiltered space for us to really talk and for them to hear from me directly.”

Just a day after posting their teaser video for “Dear Keke” on January 13, the KeyTV channel premiered the first episode of the series. The video has been well-received by fans and the general public, garnering a considerable 22,345 views in the three days of its release.

The series is the first in the network’s second batch of programs, following the successful finale of its first wave of shows. KeyTV’s “Heaux & Tell” and “Make It Make Sense” both ended their successful first seasons on December 23 and 24, respectively.

A few days after the season finales of both shows, Palmer herself took to the channel to announce their next program offering — “That’s the Gag.” KeyTV will be relaunching and streaming the series, bringing back memories and a wave of nostalgia for long-time fans of Palmer.

“That’s the Gag,” was her first-ever digital web series. It is a mockumentary style show where Palmer showcases her comedic timing and voice in an “art imitates life” kind of story. In the series, her character shows the ups and downs of trying to break into comedy.

The series also marks her transition into comedy sketches and, as she noted in her announcement video, “re-establishing myself in an industry where I have worked already [for] so many years.”

KeyTV: Representing the Keys to the Culture

Palmer announced her new digital TV network on September 30 with a teaser video, before uploading a longer one where she formally launched and introduced KeyTV the following day.

In this video, she described the network as one which aims to “spotlight a new generation of creators.” She charismatically takes her audience on a short journey of her career as a successful Black actress, singer, writer, and collaborator and expresses her excitement to share everything she learned with her audience.

Palmer also talked about unlocking doors for more people, which links to her statement in the first KeyTV teaser video. In it, she pointed out that being in front of the camera is not the only key to success and highlighted the importance of creative production staff.

Already, the network is enjoying positive reception from Palmer fans and the general public. The channel subscriber count has grown to over 762,000 at the time of writing, enjoying a fresh wave of subscribers and viewers thanks to their program offerings.

The KeyTV channel is Palmer’s revamped YouTube page. Prior to the launch of Black-owned media network, the channel already hosts Palmer’s music videos and previous web series.

More Successes Coming for Palmer

The milestones of KeyTV are not the only successes that Palmer is celebrating this month.

On January 23, Palmer will be honored at the inaugural Signal Podcast Awards alongside her co-star Pete Davidson. The two will be accepting the Best Comedy Limited Series Award for “Hit Job,” an original podcast series from Jordan Peele on Audible.

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