BrandsD&IMediaplanet teams up with Mr. Worldwide for wide-reaching bilingual campaign

The campaign aims to empower Hispanic Americans and educate others about their culture and contributions to America.
Michael HeusnerSeptember 25, 20202 min

Mediaplanet has launched a new campaign aimed at bringing the accomplishments and culture of Hispanic Americans to life for more than 750,000 daily newspaper readers.

Just in time for Hispanic heritage month, which lasts from September 15 to October 15, readers of the Los Angeles Times and Miami Herald will be greeted with Mediaplanet’s cross-platform campaign “Hispanic Heritage.”

The campaign features an exclusive with Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull, with an English version of the print component of “Hispanic Heritage” distributed within the Los Angeles Times, and a Spanish version in the Miami Herald.

In the print edition, Pitbull explains how he wants to “bring people together and show them what we’re all about: positive energy and having a good time.”

Despite accounting for only seven percent of STEM leaders and 37 percent of Americans with four-year college degrees, Hispanic Americans are fighting back against stereotypes and showcasing how vital their heritage is to the heart of American culture, especially considering the fact that Hispanic Americans are the second-fastest-growing racial or ethnic group after Asian Americans.

In addition to the print edition of the campaign, a digital component will be distributed nationally through a vast social media strategy across a network of top news sites and partner outlets.

Michael Heusner

Michael is a senior correspondent at Marcom Weekly covering news, brands and feature stories.

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