Digital ContentNews Direct partners with Latinx Newswire to reach the influential Hispanic market

Latinx Newswire expands to global footprint with News Direct partnership.
Marcom Weekly StaffMarch 15, 20213 min

News and content distributor, News Direct, has entered into a reciprocal distribution agreement with affordable multimedia press release wire service Latinx Newswire to reach 10,000 Hispanic media, bloggers and influencers.

Founded by the team that pioneered Hispanic news distribution more than two decades ago, the next-level value proposition of Latinx Newswire combines comprehensive targeting of U.S. Hispanic and Puerto Rico media and influencers, an SEO-enhanced multimedia platform, and the expertise of a management team that has collectively swept every top PR award.

“With today’s emphasis on diversity and equity, we are proud to be partnering with Latinx Newswire to reach the Hispanic community,” noted Gregg Castano, founder and CEO of News Direct. “Latinos are influencing every segment of society and should be an integral part of all communications campaigns. No one has a better understanding of how to reach the Hispanic community than Latinx Newswire.”

According to the announcement, Latinx Newswire features a multichannel platform that segments news into 18 categories to facilitate journalist access, coupled with guaranteed postings to dozens of influential Hispanic sites.

The partnership enables Latinx Newswire clients seeking to convey their message beyond the Hispanic community to leverage the expansive global network of News Direct, which includes comprehensive U.S. coverage and access to Latin American markets.

Manny Ruiz, Bill Gato, and Jersain Cruz, founders of Latinx Newswire, first launched Hispanic PR Wire in 2000, which was subsequently sold to a UK-based media conglomerate. Latinx Newswire represents the evolution of their distribution model, updated to reflect the advanced digital and social enhancements that have been introduced in the intervening years.

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