OpinionRamesh to CEOs: Walk the Talk on Diversity

Executive communications leader on how to be a diversity champion.
Priya RameshAugust 12, 2020

Leadership is more than just the ability of a person to manage the team’s enterprises, take control of its management, and guide its members towards the achievement of a certain goal. To be a leader is to be a champion. More importantly and specifically, to be a leader of an entity comprised of people from all walks of life is to be a diversity champion.

Here are five things you can do if you want to make sure you are a diversity champion:

  1. In meetings, look around and ask yourself, are we a diverse team? Do we have people of color represented?
  2. While hiring, ask yourself where are the people of color in this resume pool?
  3. When you hire agencies, demand a diverse team to service you.
  4. When you promote someone, ask yourself have we given a person of color, a fair chance to grow and advance?
  5. When you choose to mentor someone, seek out people of color because they really need your help.

As a corporate leader, choosing to be inclusive in terms of building and growing your team has never been more important at any time in the past than in the modern days. Being a diversity champion now is to make sure that your members emerge in a platform of equity, allowing them to thrive in the field regardless of race.

Let’s walk the talk on diversity!

Priya Ramesh

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