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International Women's Day 2022 launches a new call to action: #BreakTheBias
Karen Gail JavierMarch 7, 20227 min

Every year on March 8th, people across the globe celebrate International Women’s Day to look back on the contributions of women in the events of history and to continue celebrating their social, economic and political achievements. This year, the International Women’s Day campaign theme is #BreakTheBias. 

Over the years, the creative industry particularly has seen the important role that women play in the business. Marketing and media are among the industries in that women affect change at every company they lead and create impact through every position they hold. This year’s theme aims to continue recognizing that increased visibility and celebrate the work of women creatives at every level. 

The International Women’s Day (IWD) is an important annual event that calls for a gender-equal world: free of stereotypes and discrimination, diverse and inclusive, and values differences. IWD 2022 sends out a powerful reminder, “knowing that bias exists isn’t enough,” and calls for a more important action – to break the bias. 

Everyone who wants to be part of the movement can register in the IWD community and send their images striking the #BreakTheBias pose. The International Women’s Day community encourages allies to support the campaign and participate in this year’s activities by visiting https://www.internationalwomensday.com/Resources.

Marcom Weekly celebrates women all over the world and supports the forging of equality in advertising, marketing, PR and media. Be inspired by these 6 women executives who continuously #BreakTheBias at their agencies and communities: 

Natasha Alford 

“It’s okay to take a non-traditional path. It’s scary and there will be sacrifices involved but it’s okay to break the rules.”

Amani Al-Khatahtbeh 

Amani AlKhatahtbeh

“No matter how disempowered we may feel by society, any single one of us can use our voice to speak up and be the change that we hope to see in the world around us.” 

Brittany Rose 

“See opportunities where you can, even in things that some may consider a barrier.” 

Elise James De-Cruise 

“You have to take a stand, you have to educate, you have to bring people together, you have to demystify a lot of things to make progress.” 

Soon Mee Kim 

“It’s important to recognize the places and spaces where we have agency, and identify how to use what power and influence we have.” 

Monique Nelson 

“Ownership is everything. It is important we have an ecosystem that is designed and embraced by us, and for us, so we can fully participate in the global culture.” 

Karen Gail Javier

Karen is responsible for editorial support and covers agency, digital content, and D&I news.

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