D&IPeopleStagwell Marketing Cloud Hires Mansoor Basha to be Network’s First Chief Technology Officer

Basha brings big consultancy, venture capital experience to Stagwell companies and clients.
Karen JavierOctober 17, 2022

Stagwell hired Mansoor Basha as chief technology officer of the Stagwell Marketing Cloud (SMC). He joins as the network’s first chief technology officer to further the company’s mission of accelerating change and revolutionizing growth through product innovation and business transformation.

In this role, Mansoor will lead the technology roadmap, develop a data strategy and integrate the cloud portfolio across the SMC, Stagwell’s suite of technology products built for in-house marketers. Mansoor will work closely with the SMC leadership team.

“Every company is now a digital marketing company but most lack the resources to develop the tools they need to actually engage in modern marketing,” said Mark Penn, chairman and CEO, Stagwell. “With Mansoor’s deep background in both building and marketing innovative tech solutions, the Stagwell Marketing Cloud is well positioned to build a digital marketing infrastructure that any CMO, at any company, can take advantage of.”

A senior executive in the realm of technology and business strategy, Mansoor arrives with 20 years of experience across product management, business development, market analysis, and digital marketing. He moves to the Stagwell network following his time in the Applied Intelligence Practice at Accenture, where he was responsible for strategic planning, technical consultation, data-led transformation, analytics, and artificial intelligence. While there, he also worked with several Fortune 500 companies by using cases and scenario analyses.

“I’ve spent my career blending business strategy and technical acumen to bring transformative products to market – the very same special combination that attracted me to Stagwell and the Marketing Cloud,” said Mansoor Basha, chief technology officer, Stagwell Marketing Cloud.

The thought leader and technology specialist also currently serves as an investment advisor to 11.2 Ventures, a venture-building studio specializing in AI as well as Purple Arch Ventures, a network-powered venture capital firm. He is also an adjunct faculty member teaching digital marketing at New York University.

“From the acquisition of Apollo Program to boost its first-party data infrastructure to the recent launch of the first shared augmented reality experience in a live event setting with ARound and the Minnesota Twins, it’s clear that Stagwell takes a thoughtful, strategic approach to building the SMC, paving the way for organizations to deliver marketing innovation at whatever scale they need,” Mansoor added.

Karen Javier

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