OpinionStevenson: Five ways to create attention-grabbing presentations

Javaris Stevenson lays out tips in final TCD Fellow series.
Javaris StevensonMarch 29, 2021

As a self-taught graphic designer, I learned on Microsoft Powerpoint and I haven’t stopped working in PowerPoint since. 

Powerpoints are a huge piece of the pie for branding and communications design. It’s another way to get information across. Some brands overlook the value of a well-designed, informative presentation. 

With 15 years of experience with top executives, award-winning marketing teams and strategists concerning strategy and design for presentations, I know a bit about strategy and design for presentations. 

Following are some tips for getting people’s attention from the start to the end of a presentation. 

Your story should be clear- What is the story you want to share and why?

Make sure you only use keywords- This keeps the audience’s attention as well as helping to simplify your presentation. I say treat the copy on a presentation like notes. Tell the people what they need to hear.

Practice Consistent Formatting- Presentation templates should be used for every presentation. Consistently formatting the presentation tells the story more effectively.

Take advantage of strong visuals- Photography and video are key. You can say a lot with little. 

Summarize the request- Tell your audience why they came, and offer a quick overview of what you presented. 

The final message I want to leave you with is this: if you learned nothing else from today’s reading, remember presentation design should extend your brand. Your copy team, design team, and production team should treat storyline, content design, and follow-up as such. Say less with words and rely on power images/videos. Empower your audience with your voice.

You can find more details in my final video from The Comms Design Fellow series:

Javaris Stevenson

Javaris Stevenson is a 16-year-experienced-communications creative who is currently inspiring and managing communication and branding experiences for today's leading companies and marketing agencies. His self-taught career has led him to work with leading commercial brands such as ATT, Samsung, Target, Verizon, NBC, Universal Music Group and top agencies such as Edelman, R/GA, McCann and currently the top holding company, WPP. Communications design, strategy and experiences are at the core of what he do.

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