AgenciesThree powerful ads that made DDB Latina the Best Creative Network of the Year

Powerful ads addressing climate change, discrimination in sports and gay rights earn as top advertising network of the year.
Marcom Weekly StaffAugust 17, 20215 min

Crema Ranking, an annual award organized by Adlatina, awarded DDB Latina as the Best Creative Network of the Year. This is the second time in eight months the network received the ranking. The award takes into account both creative results and effectiveness rankings at international and regional festivals including Cannes, Clio, One Show, D&AD, El Ojo, and Effie Latam.

“Today, our business is clearer more than ever, and it is definitely connected to the conclusions left by the last edition of the Davos Economic Forum event: what CEOs are looking for is creativity,” said Juan Carlos Ortiz, president & CEO, DDB Latina. “At DDB Latina, we know creativity is related to culture, people who believe in that culture and talent, the creation of creative cases and products that respond to culture and, obviously, to growth and outstanding reputation or business results. [Whoever] has enough tools to play in that field will be able to compete in this new world.”

The agency network produced dozens of powerful ads this year addressing climate change, discrimination in sports and gay rights.

Salla 2032

Recognizing that global warming is a global problem, DDB Latina hijacked the biggest global event of the year. A crazy idea with a serious message led to the launch of an unlikely bid: one of the coldest cities in the world as a Candidate City for the 2032 Summer Olympic Games.

“The objective of the campaign was to generate awareness. So, we’ve followed every requirement from a real application, including a film, logo, a book, a swag store, sports pictograms, and a mascot, among other materials,” according to a DDB Latina spokesperson.


Let Her Run

Since May 2019, World Athletics had set new limits on testosterone levels in female athletes. A hormone naturally produced by both men and women. Officials decreased the limits from 10 nmol/L to 5 nmol/L and declared that many women no longer qualify as female athletes. “To shed a light on this discrimination, we created a campaign called #LetHerRun, spearheaded by a film based upon the dramatic real-life sex testing in the 60s, called ‘nude parades’,” according to the DDB Latina spokesperson.


Heroes of Today

#HeroesDeHoy (Heroes of Today) was created to help fight intolerance and racism and through its platform,, a number of organizations joined forces including the Professional Football League, Iberia, the Post Office, Telepizza, Clínica Baviera and 11811, to tell stories about heroes. “The film is set in the riots that took place during ‘Stonewall Inn’ in New York in 1969. Our main character is killed by a shot to the head just for being gay. The surprise comes at the end of the film when we discover that this crime didn’t actually happen in 1969, it took place in 2007…” said the DDB Latina spokesperson. Viewer discretion is advised.


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