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Tinder recently launched its first global campaign, “It Starts with a Swipe” to highlight Gen Z’s inclusivity and diversity.
Byonce TyusMarch 7, 2023

Tinder recently launched its first global campaign, “It Starts with a Swipe” to highlight Gen Z’s inclusivity and diversity. Created in collaboration with Mischief, the dating app currently has three videos that highlight the new and emerging dating culture.

The campaign hopes to challenge its “hook-up” perception as the culture surrounding one-night stands and quick intimacy changes with the new generation.

The campaign’s videos show a multitude of Gen Z’s dating culture. From the casual one-night stand to milestones like meeting parents, Tinder hopes to showcase the new generation’s “vibrancy, beauty, and possibilities.”

“Tinder’s newest global ad campaign, ‘It Starts with a Swipe’ was absolutely created with diversity in mind, and meant to reflect the fluid and inclusive attitude that is so important to Gen Z today,” a Tinder spokesperson told Marcom.

The spokesperson continued, “Tinder has the most diverse membership of any other app and, by design, potential matches cannot be filtered by ethnicity. In addition, the campaign featured an incredibly diverse cast and crew, with nearly half self-identifying as LGBTQIA+.”

According to a 2023 study by Pew Research, almost half of online daters have used Tinder – making the app the number one choice among users. When broken down, 79 percent of users are ages 18 to 25 and half are LGBT+.

“We often hear that the first place queer daters are ‘out’ is on Tinder, so we wanted to make sure that they feel seen and reflected,” Tinder’s SVP and Global Head of Marketing Stephanie Danzi said.

According to the same Pew study, 10 percent of couples have met online. Meanwhile, 20 percent of those that are ages 18 to 29 met their partner on a dating app. In the LGBT+ community, nearly a quarter of couples met through the internet.

Bumble is the only app to come close to rivaling Tinder as Gen Z’s favorite app, with half of those between 18 and 25 years old saying that they’ve used Bumble to date.

Created in 2012, Tinder now has more than 530 million downloads and currently spans more than 190 countries with more than 45 different languages.

Byonce Tyus

Byonce Tyus is a reporter for Marcom Weekly covering industry news, advertising conferences, and diverse-owned media trends.

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