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Sixty percent of show hosts are people of color.
Karen JavierAugust 11, 2020

Venn, a new esports television network takes on mainstream television, launches with a majority of its hosts as people of color: Cash Nasty; Dgon; Dumbfoundead; Emily Mei; Emily Simon; Erin Ashley Simon; Evan Raynday; Jimmy Wong; and TheSushiDragon. The live, daily, 24-hour network launched at Vista Studios in Los Angeles to positive reception as the Washington Post proclaims, “Venn is sleek and well-produced.”

The network sits at the intersection of gaming and entertainment, partnering with different media platforms, and creates a smooth viewing experience for a generation of consumers that have grown up with easy access to digital technologies, including Vizio and Twitter.

Rishi Chadha, head of gaming content partnerships at Twitter, said “Bringing round the clock gaming content to our audience for the first time needed the right partner, and Venn celebration of diverse digital pop culture and personalities is a natural fit.”

Vizio 2021 SmartCast TV product line, includes distribution of Venn. “With Venn’s 24/7 gaming television channel, all our  users can access the latest gaming, pop culture, and esports content right from the Vizio home screen,” said Katherine Pond, vice president of business development at Vizio.

Venn’s current lineup of shows featuring hosts of color include:

  • The Download, featuring Dgon, Erin Ashley Simon and Jimmy Wong
  • Looking for Gains, featuring Cash Nasty
  • Venn Arcade Live, featuring Dgon, Emily Mei and Raynday
  • “The Sushi Dragon Show” and “The Sushi Dragon After Party”, featuring TheSushiDragon

Karen Javier

Karen is responsible for editorial support and covers agency, digital content, and D&I news.

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